Our model is similar to the name your own price program on Priceline . com. Bidding on multiple stations (at the same time) that fit your demographic allows you to save money. No more haggling and no more station sale’s games; our auction helps you dictate the price, you reap the rewards. Important Note: you cannot just bid on one station or buy one month of commercials with our program, and “see what happens.” Radio advertising is not a casino game. It takes a plan, a commitment, and proper market penetration to have a chance for it to produce any type of long-term revenue growth for your business. If you want to get an idea what type of budget it takes to properly penetrate your local market you can research it yourself at this link http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/blog/proper-rates-cost-pricing-radioadvertisingcommercialsads-Top275-US-Radio-markets/, or you can just call our office.

Name of the Radio DMA-Market Station Name Type of Channel
Jacksonville FLWSOL FMAC/B/U
Jacksonville FLWXXJ FMAOR (AP)
Jacksonville FLWJBT FMB/U
Jacksonville FLWAPE FMCHR
Jacksonville FLWJGL FMCHR (GOLD)
Jacksonville FLWQIK FMCTRY (HOT)
Jacksonville FLWFXJ AMN/T (SPORTS)