If you are interested in purchasing radio advertising in the local or regional Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL market area, we can help. Our local Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL phone number is (813) 540-0768, and our local Tampa satellite office address is at 4830 West Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, Florida, 33609.

Retail radio advertising spot prices in the Tampa and St. Petersburg market range from $3-$25 for graveyard timeframes and from $10-$250 for daytime and evening timeframes. You can also see the required minimum budget ranges for the Tampa-St. Petersburg area here: http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/how-much-radioadvertisingcommercialsads-costs-pricing

Before some of you jump for joy and start saying “$5.00 fits my budget,” you need to understand a critical point: media buying for TV/radio advertising is not a casino game. You can’t buy 20 spots, 50 spots, or 200 spots on one station for one month, and expect to instantly return 1.3-2X your money. To learn more about the proper way to market and not market your business check out the following links:
Don’t be a Casino Entrepreneur – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7OC750U-pE
Dumb Things Attorneys and other Small Businesses say about ROI for TV and Radio Media Buying – http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/blog/lets-finally-be-blunt-with-unrealistic-clients-tv-radio-advertising-cannot-work/

You can read more about how we help Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida area customers build spider webs here:http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/home-wholesaletvadvertisingads

If you are considering purchasing directly from a Tampa-St. Petersburg area radio station or a Tampa-St. Petersburg area radio advertising agency, you should first check out our comparison checklist below. It shows very clear differences between all our service offerings. Below the checklist, you can also see a list of all Arbitron/Nielsen-rated radio stations in the Tampa-St. Petersburg market.

Wholesale Airtime Auction VS. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Radio Advertising Agency VS. Local Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Radio Station VS. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Area Internet Marketing Agency
Do they provide free radio commercial production? Yes   No   Yes   Not Applicable
Can they give you a list of all 30+ radio stations in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater market, complete with atings? Yes   Yes   Probably not (they only like to show stations owned by their ownership group)   Not Applicable
Can they help you properly “splash” and penetrate the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater market effectively by making sure you touch multiple marketing channels at the same time, including VidRoll, remarketing, multiple radio stations, multiple TV stations, and online banner ads? Yes   Maybe (if they have an Internet marketing department)   No   No
Do they have a weekly auction that allows you to bid on the timeframes you want across all 7 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater TV stations, 30 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater radio stations, 12 local Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater online news sites, VidRoll, and 100,000 animated banner ad display sites? Yes   No   No   No
Do they have a regional office in your state where you can meet face-to-face with your account representative? Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Do they have preestablished relationships with media contacts and all 10,000 radio stations in the US, If your business is intending to grow nationally or internationally? Yes   Maybe   Not Applicable   Not Applicable
Do they provide other free tools to help your small business, such as free online backup for your company’s computers, free online virus scan and maintenance, etc.? Yes   Not Applicable   Not Applicable   No

Listed below are all of the Nielsen- and Arbitron-rated radio stations in the Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida market:

Name of the Radio DMA-Market Station Name Type of Channel
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-ClearwaterWTMP FMSPAN (REGIONAL)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWWRM FMAC
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWMTX FMAC (HOT)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWTMP AMAC/B/U
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWQYK FMAOR
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWXTB FMAOR
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWSUN FMAOR (AP)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWDUV FMB/EZ
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWBTP FMB/U
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWFLZ FMCHR
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWPOI FMCHR
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWLLD FMCHR (DANCE)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWRBQ FMCHR (GOLD)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWXGL FMCHR (GOLD)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWFUS FMCTRY (HOT)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWSJT FM / WHFS FMJAZZ
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWWBA AM/WAMT AM/WIXC AMN/T
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWFLA AMN/T
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWHPT FMN/T
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWHNZ AM/WAMR AMN/T
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWGUL AMN/T
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWHBO AMN/T (SPORTS)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWQYK AM/WSJT FMN/T (SPORTS)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWDAE AMN/T (SPORTS)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWAMA AMN/T (SPORTS/SPAN)
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWTBN AM/WTWD AMREL
Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater FLWYUU FMSPAN (TROPICAL)