Letters of Reference & Reviews of Wholesale Airtime Auction

At Wholesale Airtime Auction, we take reviews and our reputation very seriously. Which is why we treat the delivery of our client’s airtime as the #1 most important part of our job. In fact, we take this so seriously that it sometimes causes us to have to file a lawsuit against a station. Case in point: please review this attached letter from a great non-profit client of ours. In this letter they discussed how we dealt with a station who tried to scam them out of a portion of their commercials: Station-Scam-Wholesale Airtime Auction reviews-Letter of Reference.

You can also review a similar letter (we pasted it and the others from email) of reference below, which was sent to us by a client in 2010.


Dear Wholesale Airtime Auction Staff,

I have been working with Wholesale Airtime Auction since July 2010. In that time everyone on your team has performed honestly and exceptionally. From helping me plan our buys to crunching the data afterwards I have always been impressed.

I want to thank you and highlight the integrity of your company especially. For example, in Fall 2010 one unsavory Seattle station did not run our spots as specified. I did not discover the issue until two months after the fact. You issued a credit on my account at your own cost since it was too late to go back to the station. Doing business in such a manner will keep me a loyal customer for years to come.

Please feel free to give out my contact information and use me and this letter as a reference.

Thanks and regards,

Kyle Schroeder
The Cremo Cream Company

Thanks so much for the education and your time. The radio stations that I contacted previous to you are still following up with me. Since learning how to calculate CPM I figured out they were quoting me between $14-$37.50 CPM. I told the $37.50 one in an almost offended tone that I don’t appreciate the insult of their offer and it was instantly lowered to $9.75 CPM…still way too high but it proved that there are no set prices in radio advertising. I DEFINITELY see the value in the business you have built and can see why your company is able to get these rates verses an individual company like me trying to negotiate.

Thanks again,
Matthew Youngs
Worldline Corporation

To Whom it May Concern:

Dennis and the Wholesale Airtime Auction team have helped us to greatly expand our TV and radio presence in one of the toughest and most competitive legal advertising markets in the country. They are smart, strategic and to the point. If you want the benefits of a full service agency, whose strategy is more than just simply spending every dime you have, I highly suggest and recommend you get in touch with the Wholesale Airtime Auction today.

Attorney Michael T. Gibson
Auto Justice Attorney
Orlando, Florida

Dear Dennis,

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how impressed and pleased we are with your services. I consult other lawyers on marketing their law firms, and we have actually done TV Ad buying for our own law firm for the last 12 years. Your system is amazing and your knowledge of how to effectively implement a successful direct media campaign is awesome. Although we weren’t able to use you in one TV Market due to our 12 years on the airwaves there, the new TV market you guys are handling for us is killing it!

And I would like to point out that your program is not a typical “remnant TV spot buying” approach, it delivers great spots in great time slots!!! I only wished I had met you guys earlier. Keep up the good work and I will continue to sing your praises to my consulting clients and Pilmma members!!!

Ken Hardison
President of PILMMA – Personal Injury Marketing for Law Firms. www.pilmma.org
Partner at the Hardison & Cochran Law Firm in North Carolina – Specializing in Personal Injury, Social Security & Workman’s Comp. Claims. www.lawyernc.com

To: Wholesale Airtime Auction LLC
9 E. Lookerman St. Ste. 3A449
Dover, DE 19901

As a small business, we look to maximize every dollar within our limited marketing budget. Because of this radio was only a dream until we found the unique auction approach at Wholesale Airtime Auction. It was clear from the first email and subsequent phone conversations that the staff members were experts when it comes to radio advertisements.

They took the time to not only educate us on the entire process, but to answer, in detail all concerns expressed by my firm. The most beneficial bit of information would have to be the addition of the Call Fire System. The ability to review audio of past calls between incoming leads and my staff proved pivotal in restructuring the format of how calls are now handled.

I appreciate the professional service, thoughtful advice, and value from The Wholesale Airtime Auction’s “know-how can-do” approach while keeping my bottom line in mind.

Thanks again,
Stephen L. Rowe II
Vice President

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to let you know how satisfied I am with your services. I thought I was hiring a media buying service, but I got a marketing consultant as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with how you’ve convinced me of the value in buying impressions vs. “spots”, and the free creative and production in making our new jingle and commercial were like icing on the cake. However, some of Wholesale Airtime Auction’s best value has been in helping me explore other ways to promote my business. I’m sure your ideas on the loyalty program and cross selling our other services to existing customers will pay off big somewhere down the line.

Oh, and by the way, I heard my first true success story on the commercial, it goes like this: My store manager ask his customer if he has heard our radio commercial and the customer says no. Another customer standing nearby says I can’t believe you haven’t heard “855 Royal Glass” and starts singing the jingle. Now the first customer says “OH YEA” sure, I’ve heard that!

Thanks again,
Tom Parbuoni
Royal Glass Company

To Whom It May Concern:

We are not a large company, however, we are a serious company intent on growth. Therefore, media advertising is essential to our success. Wholesale Airtime Auction has proven to be an invaluable partner to our growth and has permitted us to have the presence and impact with our limited media dollars equal to our largest competitors. There G.M. has become a very trusted advisor to us, and we look him as a member of our team. Thanks again for all your great help, and we look forward to continuing a long and prosperous relationship.

Thank You,
George Bentley, Esq.
Bentley Baths LTD – President
Corporate Headquarters – Denver, CO

As a start up business we look to make every dollar stretch as far as possible and make the best possible decisions. After days of research and trying to find a company with an edge, knowledge, and professionalism that was not matched, we ended up with The Wholesale Airtime Auction. The entire staff and especially the G.M., made me feel very comfortable by explaining everything from CPM bidding strategies, to pricing and markets. I am really amazed at the customer service and the detailed reports provided by the staff from start to finish. The most important value I see is their ability to provide what they promise in a timely fashion. I am looking forward to a very long and prosperous working relationship with the Wholesale Airtime Auction.

Paul Gellenbeck
Law Office of Tim McCabe – Florida
Corporate Headquarters – Denver, CO

After speaking with Wholesale TV & Radio Advertising the first time, I was impressed with how they took the time to educate me us about the media buying industry in general. Mike (the G.M.) was very direct, almost too direct for me in the beginning. I remember I was debating over whether we should use a separate 800 number for each station we were testing. I had decided not too and told Mike we were just going to use one 800 number and evaluate the performance of entire campaign and treat it as one marketing channel. I will never forget what he said “Each individual station is a marketing channel. My job is to help you get the lowest rate and help you fire the stations that do not perform. If you are not going to track each station, then you should really just go to Vegas and play roulette. Take your $20 thousand and bet on Red. Your odds of making money will be better in Vegas.” To be honest the comment hacked me off, and I almost did business with someone else.

After cooling off, I realized that most salesmen would have just agreed with me and taken our money. Mike basically said he would rather not have our money, than have us set the campaign up to fail to begin with. Even though he tended to be a little abrasive, I never had to wonder if he was telling us the truth. In business, I will take the abrasive truth over a nice guy with a “pitch” any day of the week.

I have to give them credit where credit was due: they were dead on about tracking each station individually. It was so shocking to me to see how terribly some stations performed. In the end it took about 4-months to tweak the campaign and make it profitable.

Unfortunately, our cellular company is no longer in business. However, we are working on raising VC funding for a new Solar project. When we are ready to start advertising, Wholesale is the only company we will consider working with.

Kelley Parker
Texas Mobile-Oklahoma Mobile-Kansas Mobile
Former CEO

For well over a year I have been getting your “Straight Talk” emails, after our initial call with regards to television DR advertising. I have to say they are very informative and have been most helpful for myself to make a proper determination on what path to take my company down with regards to the placement of DR advertising.

I am not sure why it took me a year to finally run our first test program with your company, as it turned out this was a huge and costly mistake by not utilizing your services sooner.

During the course of the year of notusing your company we have gotten ripped off on bogus PI campaigns and have greatly over paid for our DR advertising by using commission hungry media companies.

We look forward to dramatically increasing our media purchases with you on a go forward basis. Thank you again for all your knowledge and efforts to help our company meet our goals.

Marc Sporn
Victory Health Plans
Fidelity Health Insurance

Hi Guys- I wanted to let you know that I really like the way you run your operation- use data, communicate, add value and follow up. I’ve checked out some other media buying resources and frankly I’m surprised they are in existence. We are not ready to commit on spending yet, but when we are you will have our business.

Diana Nicholson

My business partner and I would like to express our thanks and gratitude for your excellent customer service and expertise at The Wholesale Airtime Auction.
You guys are true professionals in your field and this fact was apparent to us from our first conversation with you, via email and on the telephone.
Further, not only did you deliver such a remarkably high quality product in short notice, but you have also exceeded all of our expectations!
In these days, we seem to be living in a time where customer service is literally turning into some sort of “rocket science,” and so it is both refreshing and reassuring that there are those who cherish quality service as much as we do!
We are obliged to recommend you and your services at The Wholesale Airtime Auction.

Sincere thanks again.
Both John and Lonn Turner
Editing, Marketing and Webmaster CEOs

Being new to the TV DR advertising game one tries to talk to as many sources as possible to learn the lingo and the pitch. It doesn’t take long to form an opinion and learn the facts verses the sales pitch.

As we are a new startup company with a limited budget most advertising groups (and its understandable) allocate their time accordingly. Cookie cutter answers based on the budget available.

Then I ran in to the staff at The Wholesale Airtime Auction, and my education first started. I think I had at least 3 phone conversations about TV advertising before you ever asked about budget or regions or CPM. It would have cost me a few college credits for the information.

The jury is still out regarding our program, however I do know that you guys are trying very hard to make me a big customer with a big budget.

Finally, It makes me comfortable that in reading over other comments regarding Wholesale Airtime Auction, clients have mentioned the same points over and over again.

We at American Hygiene Products look forward to working with you for some time to come

Morris Corn
American Hygiene Products

Thank you for explaining Wholesale Airtime to me. You have done an excellent job explaining the buying and bidding process. My TV advertising costs have been reduced. Your tracking reports are helpful in identifying my cost per case lead. This is a wonderful service.

Scott S. London – Attorney at Law
400 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


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