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Insane Statements About Advertising from Some Potential Clients


Many of our potential clients say some crazy things about advertising. It’s up to us to educate them.


How Online Remarketing Can Bring TV & Radio Advertising into the Digital Age


Even in our modern electronic age, there’s nothing that helps businesses build credibility with consumers like advertising through TV and radio. With all the scams making the rounds on the Internet and the plethora of “here today, gone tomorrow” websites designed to cheat unwary shoppers out of their money, today’s consumers are savvier than ever,..


Top 10 Local TV Markets: Proper Monthly Budget Range for TV Advertising


Infographic: Proper Monthly Budget Range for TV Advertising in the Top 10 Local TV Markets This free information aims to help small business owners find out what they should expect to pay for TV advertising campaigns in the top 10 local TV markets. If you’re interested, we also have a post about the monthly budget..


Advertising Agencies: 4 Qualities to Look For


Choosing the right advertising agency to work with is one of the most critical aspects of any successful advertising campaign. Picking an agency that’s a poor fit for your business and goals is a surefire recipe for a wasted advertising budget. Here are four qualities to look for: Track record: You need to find an..


Advertising Budget: How to Keep it in Line with Your Marketing Goals


Advertising is an important part of your sales and marketing efforts. Every dollar you spend on advertising can be thought of as an investment in growing your business. If you’re a small business owner, you need to keep your advertising budget aligned with your marketing goals. Here are four critical factors you need to look..