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How to Make Your Attorney Radio Advertising Work


Every radio station, advertising agency, and media buying company has heard remarks like these from prospective clients: “I have a friend who once tried radio advertising and it didn’t work!” “We have a $3,000 budget for our attorney radio advertising this month; if this works, we’ll have a bigger budget next month!” Most of them..


Dumb Things Smart Personal Injury Attorneys Tell Us About TV Advertising


“Let’s try a one-month test campaign to get an idea of whether this campaign will be a success.” It’s fine to be concerned about throwing good money after bad, but one month is simply not enough time. It might be, if your practice is the only one in your area and your commercials are the..


Marketing for Attorney Campaigns


With emerging technologies and more do-it-yourself solutions being created each day, the realm of advertising for television and radio has evolved. Many once-conservative industries are now also getting into the advertising scene, particularly those marketing for attorneys. Even though there are non-traditional or online-based advertising alternatives available, television and radio still remain true and strong..


Marketing Attorneys Made Easy


While we’re all too familiar with products, commodities, and household items all vying for our attention through constant TV advertising, nothing can be as life-changing as a marketing attorneys’ message on how the law can provide restitution for health conditions you may be suffering due to some drug or medical apparatus which has been proven..


Quality Advertising for Attorneys


Mesothelioma, Granuflo, and Pradaxa campaigns are just a few of the most active attorney ads being shown and heard through national television and radio today. These campaigns are advertising for attorneys that specialize in these fields, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of high-profile court litigation, compensation for victims, and more importantly, a constant source..


Why Should Attorneys Advertise on TV


When times are tough and the phones aren’t ringing as much as they used to, it’s time for you to consider attorney marketing campaigns, which are becoming a growing trend in today’s legal industry. A wide range of media is available for most advertising attorneys, including Internet, print, and other so-called non-traditional advertising means. We..