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Dumb Things Smart Personal Injury Attorneys Tell Us About TV Advertising


“Let’s try a one-month test campaign to get an idea of whether this campaign will be a success.” It’s fine to be concerned about throwing good money after bad, but one month is simply not enough time. It might be, if your practice is the only one in your area and your commercials are the..


Marketing Attorneys Made Easy


While we’re all too familiar with products, commodities, and household items all vying for our attention through constant TV advertising, nothing can be as life-changing as a marketing attorneys’ message on how the law can provide restitution for health conditions you may be suffering due to some drug or medical apparatus which has been proven..


Attorney TV Advertising Commercials – New Specialized Website


Attorney TV Advertising Commercials – New Specialized Website Launched for Law Firms Please check out this new niche website, which was designed specifically for attorneys who practice law on a regional/national basis: The website will show very specialized lawyer TV commercials from a few legal fields: mass tort, social security, employment law wage claims, etc....