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Dumb Things Smart Personal Injury Attorneys Tell Us About TV Advertising


“Let’s try a one-month test campaign to get an idea of whether this campaign will be a success.” It’s fine to be concerned about throwing good money after bad, but one month is simply not enough time. It might be, if your practice is the only one in your area and your commercials are the..


Effective Attorney Marketing Campaign


Many lawyers find that marketing for law firms is very daunting. Although they are highly educated professionals, most of them are also very reserved individuals. It takes a different kind of discipline to come up with an effective marketing campaign while also being a rigid professional and master of law. While most feel that hiring..


Low-cost Attorney TV Commercials


Here’s a scenario for you. You’ve just received notice that you’ve been fired due to successive absences or failure to report for work following an injury you sustained while performing your duty. You don’t know what to do, don’t know where to turn…and then a certain attorney television advertising campaign catches your attention, telling you..