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What are Average Impressions?


When we talk about “impressions,” we’re talking about the estimated number of people tuned in at a given time. TV and radio stations provide several different metrics for impressions: Cume impressions, household counts, and average impressions. As you’re about to discover, these three figures are not interchangeable: they each paint vastly different pictures of the..


Definition of CUME Impressions vs Average Impressions & How to Calculate for TV & Radio Advertising Ads


One of the most clever sales maneuvers used by TV and radio stations is to provide people “CUME” impressions, CUME listenership, CUME viewership, or CUME exposures. The word “CUME” is short for cumulative. So if a TV or radio station sends you any of the catch-phrases above, they are basically giving you their total viewership..