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Top 10 Local TV Markets: Proper Monthly Budget Range for TV Advertising


Infographic: Proper Monthly Budget Range for TV Advertising in the Top 10 Local TV Markets This free information aims to help small business owners find out what they should expect to pay for TV advertising campaigns in the top 10 local TV markets. If you’re interested, we also have a post about the monthly budget..


Let’s Finally be Blunt with Unrealistic Clients: TV & Radio Advertising Cannot “Work.”


Every TV and radio agency, station, and media buyer has heard the following kinds of statement from prospective clients: “I don’t want to air on TV; it does not ‘work.’” “I don’t want to air on radio’ it does not ‘work.’” “We want to air a $2K one-month test, and if you make it ‘work,’..


Tips on Buying Airtime for TV and Radio Advertising


So you’ve got a TV or radio commercial all set to air and let your target market know about the products or services you offer. There’s just one problem: you’re a small business, and you just don’t have the deep pockets that big companies have for buying airtime. And even if you do have the..