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How Online Remarketing Can Bring TV & Radio Advertising into the Digital Age


Even in our modern electronic age, there’s nothing that helps businesses build credibility with consumers like advertising through TV and radio. With all the scams making the rounds on the Internet and the plethora of “here today, gone tomorrow” websites designed to cheat unwary shoppers out of their money, today’s consumers are savvier than ever,..


TV and Radio Advertising: How Much Should a Spot Cost?


When it comes to TV and radio advertising, the most commonly asked question is: What is a fair price for a ‘spot’ ?  


Advertising Agencies: 4 Qualities to Look For


Choosing the right advertising agency to work with is one of the most critical aspects of any successful advertising campaign. Picking an agency that’s a poor fit for your business and goals is a surefire recipe for a wasted advertising budget. Here are four qualities to look for: Track record: You need to find an..


How to Make Your Attorney Radio Advertising Work


Every radio station, advertising agency, and media buying company has heard remarks like these from prospective clients: “I have a friend who once tried radio advertising and it didn’t work!” “We have a $3,000 budget for our attorney radio advertising this month; if this works, we’ll have a bigger budget next month!” Most of them..


Insane Statements about Advertising from Home Remodeling Companies


Many of our potential clients say some crazy things about advertising. It’s up to us to educate them. “When I advertise with my 1-800 number, I never think about how many potential customers are going to my website first before they call.” Most advertisers think their results for TV/radio advertising have gone down in recent..


Let’s Finally be Blunt with Unrealistic Clients: TV & Radio Advertising Cannot “Work.”


Every TV and radio agency, station, and media buyer has heard the following kinds of statement from prospective clients: “I don’t want to air on TV; it does not ‘work.’” “I don’t want to air on radio’ it does not ‘work.’” “We want to air a $2K one-month test, and if you make it ‘work,’..


Tips on Buying Airtime for TV and Radio Advertising


So you’ve got a TV or radio commercial all set to air and let your target market know about the products or services you offer. There’s just one problem: you’re a small business, and you just don’t have the deep pockets that big companies have for buying airtime. And even if you do have the..


Definition of CUME Impressions vs Average Impressions & How to Calculate for TV & Radio Advertising Ads


One of the most clever sales maneuvers used by TV and radio stations is to provide people “CUME” impressions, CUME listenership, CUME viewership, or CUME exposures. The word “CUME” is short for cumulative. So if a TV or radio station sends you any of the catch-phrases above, they are basically giving you their total viewership..


National Radio Advertising Auction – Press Release – Finishes Phase 2 Expansion – Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Philadelphia, PA; Washington DC; Boston, MA


Please check out our most recent press release: National Radio Advertising Auction Finishes Phase 2 Expansion To Help Smaller Stations. You can go directly to the URL link here: Our auction already offers several thousand TV and radio stations to choose from. Expansion #2 included radio advertising stations in the following radio markets: Houston-Galveston, TX; Atlanta,..