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Top Remnant Advertising Agency


Ten years ago, most advertisers had little clue what remnant advertising was. People wanting to buy airtime on various TV stations and networks gradually came to understand the concept of buying unsold TV airtime inventory at throwaway prices. Today remnant advertising is an integral part of the airtime marketing process with many TV stations and..


Remnant Advertising Auction – Phase 3 Expansion – Miami FL, Detroit MI, Phoenix AZ, Seattle WA – Press Release


Our Remnant Advertising Auction Phase 3 Expansion has just been announced via Press Release. You can go directly to the URL here: The remnant advertising division of our weekly fire sale auction has added new stations in the following Top 11-15 radio markets: Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Detroit, MI; Phoenix, AZ; and Seattle-Tacoma, WA. Please..