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TV and Radio Advertising: How Much Should a Spot Cost?


When it comes to TV and radio advertising, the most commonly asked question is: What is a fair price for a ‘spot’ ?  


30 sec TV ad costs


Looking to buy TV ad space on ABC, Fox, or other networks, but don’t know how much a 30 sec TV ad costs? Are you interested in saving on your TV ad costs and making sure that your ads reach your target market?   You can find all the answers to your TV advertising questions..


Cost of the Average Television Commercial


Do you know the cost of the average television commercial? Television commercial ads are very expensive to produce: During Super Bowl 2012, for example, the cost of an average TV ad was about $3.5 million. High viewership means high advertising costs. This is why businesses need to be careful with their advertising spending: getting your..


TV Ad Cost


Comcast TV ads are an example of a single-market advertising strategy. Their ads target a single specific market, ideal for reaching local viewers. So if you want brand recognition in a particular community, your business serves only its local area, or your business is just starting out, then single-market advertising is the perfect fit for..