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Top 10 Local TV Markets: Proper Monthly Budget Range for TV Advertising


Infographic: Proper Monthly Budget Range for TV Advertising in the Top 10 Local TV Markets This free information aims to help small business owners find out what they should expect to pay for TV advertising campaigns in the top 10 local TV markets. If you’re interested, we also have a post about the monthly budget..


What is the Most Effective Length for a TV/Radio Commercial?


Over the past decades, there have been countless debates over the best length for commercials. When television first reached the mainstream in the 1950s, TV commercial length was patterned after the 60-second radio commercials which were the standard during those times. The 1970s ushered in media inflation that left advertisers no choice but to shorten..


Getting the Right Frequency


Marketing has historically been an inexact science: as long as your proverbial shingle didn’t drive away customers instead of bringing them in, you could expect that people interested in products or services of the type you offered would soon learn about your business and come to your door, cash in hand. But we now live..


Cost of the Average Television Commercial


Do you know the cost of the average television commercial? Television commercial ads are very expensive to produce: During Super Bowl 2012, for example, the cost of an average TV ad was about $3.5 million. High viewership means high advertising costs. This is why businesses need to be careful with their advertising spending: getting your..


Television Commercial Time


Many advertisers believe – and not without reason – that television media buy costs can take a huge bite out of their advertising budgets. Though there are many things that affect the cost of TV advertising, such as network rating, show rating, frequency, and reach, one of the biggest factors by far is television commercial..


What makes a Good Successful TV & Radio Commercial & How to Write Scripts for Them


Credibility & Straight Talk = Successful Commercials Contrary to public perception, the content of radio commercials or TV commercials (“creative”, as it’s called in the industry) is just as important as the airtime itself. For small businesses that use direct response radio commercials or TV commercials to generate telephone leads or web leads (and do..