Google TV Advertising Clients are Coming in Droves!


Google TV Advertising clients looking for a new home have been choosing Wholesale Airtime Auction as their new destination. And we would like to say: they are making a great choice! Wholesale Airtime Auction was in business 8 years before any type of Google media buying became available. Since that time we watched Google radio advertising fail in 2009, and now Google Television Advertising in 2012.

Wholesale Airtime Auction was the FIRST company in the United States to offer simultaneous auctions for both TV and radio advertising; and we have far-and-above the largest reach of any of our competitors. Our auction reaches over 10,000 TV and radio stations, and over 200 million US households (99% US coverage). If you are doing the math… we have 8X more reach than Google TV. Couple this with the fact that you will receive a personal account manager, along with personal visits to your business location (yes, we get on airplanes and come see our good clients) and it’s a no-brainer. Please check out the Wholesale Airtime Auction. We think you will like what you see!

Wholesale Airtime Auction - TV Advertising

Wholesale Airtime Auction – TV Advertising