Advertise on Television


To advertise on TV involves putting a lot of resources into a single project. When you want to advertise on television, you need to have a good commercial, access to lots of airtime, and an enormous budget to invest in your marketing venture.

All three of these are hard to come by. Even if you do come up with a great commercial to advertise on TV, odds are you still don’t have the resources to get it on the air. TV advertising has usually been the exclusive territory of big companies with deep pockets –   but we’re working to change that.

At Wholesale Airtime Auction, we want to help you place your ads on TV. Through our weekly fire sale auction, you can get access to all the bulk airtime you’ll need. We let you bid on unsold airtime on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. Bidding on a CPM basis not only allows you to name your own price for your airtime, it also gives you an estimate of the impressions your commercial will generate once it’s on the air. When you advertise on television through Wholesale Airtime Auction, you get great savings which you can reinvest into growing your business, as well as features and benefits including customizable airing options for your ads depending on your target market.

If you like what you’re reading and you are ready to save 50-95% on your TV and radio ads and campaigns, please go to our Contact Us page to contact one of our representatives. Thank you for visiting Wholesale Airtime Auction.