Insane Statements about Advertising from Home Remodeling Companies


Many of our potential clients say some crazy things about advertising. It’s up to us to educate them.

“When I advertise with my 1-800 number, I never think about how many potential customers are going to my website first before they call.”

Most advertisers think their results for TV/radio advertising have gone down in recent years since their cost per call has gone up, but they’ve failed to notice their web leads increasing over the same time period. In most cases, they have their TV/radio advertising to thank for that. Just because the numbers you’re expecting to go up aren’t doesn’t mean your advertising isn’t having a positive effect!

“I’ve tried that in the past and it didn’t work for me! / My friend tried that in another market and it didn’t work for him!”

Advertising isn’t rocket science, but it can easily be done wrong. Did your campaign have a clear message? Did you invest enough money into it? Did you air your ads often enough and for a long enough period of time? If the answer to any of these is “no,” “I’m not sure,” or “I don’t understand the question,” then you need to step back, take a long, hard look at your business and your campaign, and figure out what the right answers are. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, how can you expect to avoid repeating them?

“I want people to call me right away after they watch or hear my ads!”

Here’s a reality check: unless your name is Apple, customers will probably not be lining up to buy your product the moment they find out it’s available. And unless you have a call center ready to handle a sudden influx of customers, you probably don’t want to deal with direct response advertising anyway. Unless you truly are selling the Next Big Thing before anyone else has it, odds are you’ll need to take the tried-and-tested route of creating an ad that sticks in people’s minds and airing it frequently for as long as you can: when your customers decide they want/need your product, your number will be the first thing they think of.

“What does it matter what my commercial looks like so long as it gets my name out there?”

This is a dangerous and generally self-destructive assumption to make. When was the last time you bought something from anyone whose commercial looked like they really didn’t care what they put in it? Does “never” sound about right? Your commercial will be your potential customers’ crucial first impression of your business, and if you don’t give them a good reason to call you, they simply won’t. Content is a key element in the success of any campaign. Also, be sure to provide your phone number and website throughout your spot, or else you won’t be getting any calls at all!

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