Tips on Buying Airtime for TV and Radio Advertising


So you’ve got a TV or radio commercial all set to air and let your target market know about the products or services you offer. There’s just one problem: you’re a small business, and you just don’t have the deep pockets that big companies have for buying airtime. And even if you do have the money to buy TV or radio airtime like the heavy hitters in the industry, there’s a better-than-average chance you could end up getting you stuck with a primetime price on a graveyard slot.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “buying airtime can’t possibly be that hard, can it?” Well, there are a few ways you can go about it, some better than others:

Doing it yourself. Ah, that’s the go-getter, future captain of industry way of doing things! Just cut out the middleman and reap the savings. Go straight to the stations that broadcast in your area, ask for their ad rates, do a little comparative shopping, and make out like a bandit on airtime. Seems like a simple way to beat the system, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s not. Keeping up with what stations demand for each different time slot is anything but “simple,” since ad rates change by the day – sometimes even the hour! – and as for “beating the system,” well, there’s no more surefire way to tell a station “I’m a sucker; take my money” than to call one up and ask for airtime prices. Their sales reps are under no obligation to make sure you get the most for your money – in fact, since they get paid commissions on each sale, it’s in their best interests to make sure you spend as much as possible!

Buying through a media broker or advertising agency. Actually, in retrospect, maybe going through a middleman isn’t such a bad idea. These companies have clout with the stations; plus, they have the experience and industry knowhow to help advertisers like you get better deals on airtime. They’ll present you with rate cards from various stations, and you get to pick the quote that suits you best. But wait! Isn’t this the same thing as doing it yourself, only with someone else talking to the stations on your behalf? Exactly. Many of these companies are little more than the stations’ own sales reps writ large: they take commissions on the sales they make, and while they can help you negotiate lower rates, they’re far from your smartest option.
Making use of remnant airtime. Ever bought something really nice at a steep discount because it was on a clearance sale? That’s what remnant airtime is all about. Airtime is a perishable commodity, and when it’s about to expire (read: go to air), you can buy it at a steep discount. Forget primetime prices on graveyard slots – you could get graveyard prices on primetime slots! The downside, of course, is that inventory isn’t always reliable – just as you can’t expect to always find your favorite brands on clearance sale, you can’t expect to always find the slots you want as remnant airtime.

Buying airtime through auctions. Another time-honored way of finding the things you want at hard-to-beat prices: buying them at auction. Airtime auctions do exist, though you have to be careful with them: most auctions require you to pay upfront, and like with remnant airtime, you can’t be sure you’ll be able to get the airtime slots you actually want.

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