Top Remnant Advertising Agency


Ten years ago, most advertisers had little clue what remnant advertising was. People wanting to buy airtime on various TV stations and networks gradually came to understand the concept of buying unsold TV airtime inventory at throwaway prices. Today remnant advertising is an integral part of the airtime marketing process with many TV stations and networks even employing a remnant salesperson to pitch cheap packages to prospective advertisers.


Where remnant advertising appears to be an incredibly good deal is in its pricing, which is purportedly 50 to 95 percent of prevailing prices. However, as with most things that appear to be too good to be true, not everything that happens in the remnant advertising industry is above board. Even large Fortune 500 networks are not above pulling the wool over the hapless advertisers’ eyes by offering them seemingly attractive airtime rates, but failing to inform them that they were for the most inappropriate time slots. Who would watch the advertisers’ ads at 3 AM in the morning?!

This is where a top remnant advertising agency like Wholesale Airtime Auction plays an extremely valuable role in demystifying remnant advertising and helping their clients to obtain the best airtime deals at truly economical prices. Most importantly, their remnant TV advertising media buying auction is a powerful tool that enables prospective airtime buyers rate the efficacy of different airtime slots by providing them with access to Nielsen’s viewership data. This data pertains to the viewership measurement of the airtime slots offered on different TV stations and networks.

Armed with this information, advertisers are able to bid for airtime among thousands of TV stations on the basis of the cost per thousand or CPM. Not only does this enable the advertiser to obtain incredibly low advertising rates, they are also able to segment their airtime buying in specific demographics like geography. Marketers and potential advertisers would do well to participate in Wholesale Airtime Auction’s weekly fire sale auction and obtain advertising rates which are a steal.

With this tremendous price advantage, you can leverage your product and services to penetrate your target market with a great deal of accuracy and gain an advantage over the competition. Knowledge is power, and routing your airtime-buying through Wholesale Airtime Auction could be the wisest advertising decision you ever take. With their experience in obtaining highly competitive advertising rates, as well as canny remnant media buying, Wholesale Airtime Auction is the go-to advertising agency, especially for small businesses that don’t possess the financial muscle to afford prime time TV advertising rates.