If you are on this page, you must be considering promoting your business via remnant TV or remnant radio advertising. Radio advertising is an investment that can reap great dividends, but many business owners find the risk and the cost of entry too high to even consider taking the plunge. Finding cost-effective ways to invest in radio advertising is therefore a high priority for business owners interested in establishing their brands and increasing their revenue, and unsold remnant radio advertising inventory is just the kind of solution they’re looking for.

Remnant radio commercials are not any different from regular radio airtime spots: the only thing you miss out on is paying premium prices for specific and exact slot booking. Supply and demand inflates the cost of radio advertising inventory, but those same rules work in your favor here: since commercial slots are perishable, many stations are desperate to sell it before it expires. By taking advantage of this normal business situation, you can maximize both your exposure and your return on investment.