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Welcome to Wholesale Airtime Auction!

Over the years, we have learned that some small businesses have
a false perception about our company. This perception seems to be that we are a little like a casino: you can just come in, sprinkle a few thousand dollars on some super-cheap radio advertising spots or TV advertising commercials, and you’ll have a good chance of hitting big money on one of the tables (stations). While we do operate the USA's largest broadcast media buying auction, this perception is 180 degrees from the truth: we are a full-blown marketing company, not a casino or a cheap spot sales organization.The days of small business owners continually bouncing around from one type of advertising to another in a futile attempt to try and find the cheapest and easiest to identify singular lead cost are over, the “one click, one purchase” tracking model for PPC is dead for almost all industry segments, and airing radio and TV advertising commercials yelling “Call Now, Call Now” hasn’t worked for a while (even though some dinosaur small business owners still do it). 99.5% of consumers won’t call a number listed in a TV or local radio ad, and the vast majority won’t submit a Contact Us form the first time they visit your website. All of the different types of advertising you buy must now be woven into a cohesive and sticky “spider web” (see marketing plan picture at bottom of the page).Identifying specific advertising channels to keep or specific channels to fire after a 30-day test is impossible these days: the majority of consumers now check out companies reviews and visit their sites with 3-4 different electronic devices over a multi-week or even multi-month period before contacting them for the first time. And since it’s very difficult to track consumers with electronic cookies across multiple devices, the conversation ends there.

Luckily for our customers, Wholesale Airtime Auction does not just flip commercials via our national media buying auction.
We go to great lengths to coach small businesses about how to create and invest in the proper, long-term marketing plan:even when some don't want to hear it!

Good clients
have a plan
for long-term growth.

Casino-mindset clients are usually unreasonable and almost always bad business operators.

You need to think of your marketing plan like a spider web. Your website by itself is simply your retail storefront:it is slippery and won't catch many customers by itself. Local TV advertising and Local radio advertising is also not a full spider web:it is only a couple of strands of it. If you buy only one type of advertising for one month and try to use it to send people to your slippery website, all you're doing is wasting your money. In order to have a chance at making your individual marketing channels provide cohesive revenue growth, your retail storefront (website) must be wrapped in a comfortable and cozy spider web.

If you are looking for help building a plan for long-term revenue growth, then check out our
Wholesale Airtime Auction Google Reviews page, our Contact Us page, or talk to us via the Small Business Customer Care chat icon.