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By far the most asked questions about radio advertising on the internet are these:

“How much do radio ads cost?” “What is normal pricing for radio advertisements?”

If you’re trying to find a website that can give you a just a single, simplified price quote for radio advertising, you’ll find it’s 100% impossible. The reason it’s impossible is because it would be like asking “how much does a house cost?” Almost any person over the age of 25 would chuckle if someone asked them this question. The reason most people would laugh is because houses cost anywhere from $9,000 to $50,000,000. The average American knows that housing prices are based on the average price per square foot in a geographical area: the higher the price per square foot, the higher the overall cost of the house. And price per square foot can change drastically based on whether a house is in the country, a small city, a big city, a jumbo city, or in a city that has zero room left for building (like New York City or San Francisco).

Average radio advertising pricing is really no different. Radio advertising pricing is based on how many people are going to hear your commercial on average each time it airs. In some areas in the United States, only 1-5 people may hear your commercial; in some areas, 200,000 people may hear it. And in each specific city, that number drastically changes again based on the time of day the commercial airs and the quality of the station it airs on. All of this information is used to calculate price quotes in an area based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

If CPM is a foreign word to you, then I suggest you read these two excellent articles before thinking about spending a dime:

If you’re familiar with CPM and the appropriate way to buy radio advertising (which does not mean buying spots), then you can skip the articles above. We recommend you go to the page below if you would like to see the proprietary monthly budget range scale for 275 radio markets in the United States: