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Media Buying Local & Regional TV Advertising

If your brand or business needs to target some specific local markets then you have found the right place! As our local TV media buying auction allows you to insert on DMA based broadcast TV stations like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, MyTV, CW, and Univision. Why is this important? This means that you get 100% household penetration, opposed to local cable insertion. Inserting on broadcast TV gets you distributing through every single content delivery system: YouTube TV, Frontier, Spectrum, DISH, DirecTV, FIOS, Charter, Comcast, AT&T, etc.

Over the last 14-years our clients have spent anywhere from $500,000.00 to $500 per month. And while we do have minimum budget requirements for D/R TV (direct response) campaigns and national brands we do not have a minimum monthly budget requirement for good, local/regional service or retail businesses that are trying to run consistent branding campaigns and get their name out there. That said, we do not control the pricing baseline and ceiling from city-to-city. Houses in Butte, Montana are going to cost 100X less than in New York City, and so is the TV advertising. So if you are a small business owner in a jumbo city and can't afford to get on the air because of the baseline costs in your market area we can utilize our co-op program to help you share costs with another small business in your local region.

We have three choices to help you move forward:
A. Go straight to our Contact Us page, submit the webform, and let us help your business "come out of the mountains" in 2021.
B. Go to our popular blog to learn more about how baseline pricing is set from city-to-city and market-to-market: What is a Fair Cost for Radio Advertising?
C. Scroll-down to see the list of stations available for bidding in our media buying auction.

Important Note:
The New York, NY, DMA is the largest, so it is listed first.
The Glendive, MT, DMA is the smallest, so it is listed last.


List of TV markets