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Welcome to Wholesale Airtime Auction!

Our wholesale media buying auction has two types of two types of national radio and television advertising:

#1  “Top-End” National Insertion
#2  Flex-National Advertising Insertion

“Top-End” national insertion is the most common.

This means the advertising commercial inserts at the actual
cable network, not at the cable/satellite carrier.

Example: you bid on 15 different national cable networks, and your bulk package is accepted by MLB Network and Bravo. The commercial is then inserted via “Top-End” at the headquarters of MLB Network and Bravo.  So no matter if someone has Time Warner, Dish Network FIOS, COX Cable, DirecTV, etc., the commercial will be delivered on that network at their home. Now, whether or not they are watching that channel at the specific time is another story (and if you don’t know how this is measured then click this what is CPM link).

Flex-National advertising insertion is our own exclusive program. This picture shows an example of how someone could eliminate a region or segment of the USA.

Flex-National allows regional or national companies to eliminate a few states or local metro markets that don't fix their demographic,
profit metrics, or are prohibited to them due to legal or licensing concerns.