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Hundreds of other local independent TV channels and stations

In case you didn’t know already, there are various ways you can reach your consumers through television advertising commercials: cable, FIOS, satellite, U-Verse, and broadcast. The question is, which is the best delivery system to buy advertising on? There’s no doubt that broadcast TV is the answer to that question. Here’s why:

100% Market Household Reach Potential

Buying advertising on broadcast TV stations like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, MyTV, CW, and Univision means that 100% of households will be able to see your commercials. Why, you ask? Because cable, FIOS, and satellite carry all of these channels on their delivery systems.When they insert the commercial directly at the station level, it is carried to other delivery systems.People who don’t subscribe to any type of cable, satellite, or FIOS system can also see your commercials via antenna. If you buy advertising on cable, only the people who subscribe to that specific cable provider will be able to see it.

Tons and Tons more Eyeballs

Your average local broadcast TV channel has 4 to 50 times more average impressions/viewers than your other options. Don’t believe us? Just check every single local Nielsen rating you can find. The Lowest CPM Rates – No one can argue that local broadcast TV doesn’t have the lowest CPM rates available. Note that we didn’t say “lowest spot prices”: we said “lowest CPM rates.” When you buy TV advertising, you should be buying impressions (eyeballs): not households, and not spots. To put it into perspective for you, not a single Fortune 500 company buys television advertising based on spot prices. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t realize that they can buy media the same way billion-dollar companies buy it. If you don’t know what CPM buying is, please read the following two articles:

What is CPM?

How Does Nielsen & Arbitron Measure Ratings to Keep TV & Radio Stations Honest?

Here’s the bottom line: local cable or other local delivery systems will probably have cheaper packages or pricing per spot, but that’s because they have 4 to 50 times fewer people watching. If you are smart and buy based on CPM, you will always pay much, much less for each set of “eyeballs” on broadcast TV.

If you would like to see a list of shows being offered by each one of the broadcast TV channels above, please click the hyperlink above for that specific channel.

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