Local Radio Stations & Programs Available for Advertising in our Media Buying Auction

At Wholesale Airtime Auction, we provide advertisers the ability to bid on over 20 different types of radio formats and shows across the entire United States. You can also choose your specific geographic targeting on a local, national, or regional (multiple geographical markets or states) level. Please see our list of metro markets here: http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/local-radio-advertising-citiesmarkets/

Using our media buying auction allows you to hone in on your target demographic, save money with bulk packages, and air on 3-5 stations for the same budget. Listed below is a grid showing our current list of radio formats and music types:

young (not teen)

young to middle age

middle age

middle age to older




Adult contemporary

  • AC – Adult contemporary stations
  • AC – Hot
  • AC (SOFT)

Adult Hits

  • AH – Adult hits. "Jack" type formats


  • AMERICANA – A mix of folk, bluegrass and some classic country

Album Oriented Rock

  • AOR – Album-oriented rock or Active Rock
  • AOR (AA) – Adult alternative
  • AOR (AP) (Album Progressive)
  • AOR (CR) – Classic rock
  • AOR (NR) – New rock or Modern rock
  • NR – New Rock aka Modern Rock

Beautiful Easy Listening

  • B/EZ – Beautiful music/Easy listening





Black Urban Hip-Hop

  • B/U – Hip-Hop or R&B

Contemporary Hit Radio

  • CHR – Contemporary Hit Radio
  • CHR (DANCE) – Rhythmic Hit Radio
  • CHR (GOLD) Classic Hits
  • CHR (SPAN) Spanish Hits

Country Music

  • CTRY – Country
  • CTRY (CLSC) – Classic Country
  • CTRY (HOT) – Up-Tempo Country

News Talk – Sports

  • N/T (SPORTS) – Predominantly sports
  • N/T/SPORTS – News/Talk and Sports


  • CLAS – Classical


  • ETH – Ethnic (non-Spanish)


  • GOLD – Oldies


  • GOSPEL – Often a subcategory of Religious


  • JAZZ


  • MISC – Rotates multiple formats every day

Middle of the Road

  • MOR – Middle of the road


  • NOST – Adult Standards/Big Band/Nostalgia

News Talk (Predominantly Non-Sports)

  • N/T – News/Talk –


  • NOST – Adult Standards/Big Band/Nostalgia


  • PRE-TEEN – Programming for children


  • R&B – Rhythm and Blues


  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music


  • REL – Religious
  • REL (CC) – Contemporary Christian Music

If you are unfamiliar with some of the radio station formats listed above and you would like to listen to some samples of those specific format types, please click the corresponding link for that format.

If you are interested in seeing in seeing a list of the radio stations available for your specific city, please click the following link: http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/local-radio-advertising-citiesmarkets/

And if you would like to read more about our company office locations or our management structure, please visit our About Us page.