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Our History

The seed investment for Wholesale Airtime Auction was made in late 2006. The logic and software which drives the company was implemented in 2007.

In the early years, the company's main competition was Google Radio. Despite Google's tremendous brand name (which was a huge hurdle to fight), it was evident to us that Google Radio was inferior to our model. Around 2008-2009, Google proved us right by closing Google Radio. Around the same time, Google decided to take another run at the industry by launching Google TV. While the Google TV advertising model gave national TV advertisers the ability to bid network cable channels, it was, again, fatally flawed: the distribution system they partnered with only controlled 15% of households, and they still didn't offer any local advertising insertion options. After a few years, Google TV Ads also went the way of the dodo bird.

We are very proud of the fact that our company has survived two onslaughts from arguably the most powerful company in the United States. And not only did we survive, but we have also continued to provide a reliable media buying auction model which allows brands and businesses to advertise on 2-4X more TV and radio stations for the same amount of money. No matter where your brand or business is located in the United States, you can take full advantage of our media buying auction process!

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