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At Wholesale Airtime Auction, we air all types of local and national radio advertising commercials. This includes saturation and branding radio campaigns, "website traffic driving" campaigns for national brands/products, along with a little direct response radio advertising. Our wholesale media buying auction can be adjusted to fit almost any product type or campaign goal.

If you would rather view some of the TV advertising commercials we have aired you can access them at this link.

Listed below, is small sample of radio commercials we have aired for our clients over the past 14-years.

Radio Commercials for Attorney Marketing & Lawyer Radio Advertising:

Personal Injury Radio Commercials

Rehab Radio Commercials

Personal Injury Radio Commercials

Rehab Radio Commercials

Personal Injury Radio Commercials

Rehab Radio Commercials

Attorney Marketing- Attorney Referral program for Mortgage Fraud-Direct Response Radio Commercials

Legal Marketing Association-Collection Harrassment Claims-Remnant Radio Advertising-Direct Response Radio Commercials

Lawyer Marketing-Personal Injury Car Crashes-Radio Ads

Attorney Marketing-Divorce Mediation-Remnant Radio Commercials

Lawyer Marketing-Wage Claims-Radio Commercials-English

Legal Marketing-Hispanic Employment Law Wage Claims-Hispanic-Radio Ads

Law Firm Marketing-Personal Injury-Radio Commercials-30 sec

Law Firm Marketing-Attorney Nursing Home Malpractice Claims-Radio Advertising

Legal Marketing-Invalid Credit Card Contract Claims-National Radio Advertising

Legal Marketing-Attorney Employment Claims Sexual Harrassment-Radio Commercials

Attorney Marketing-Workers Comp-Radio Advertising

Law Firm Marketing-Personal Injury Claims-National Radio Advertising

Law Firm Marketing-Personal Bankruptcy Filing-Remnant Radio Ads

Lawyer Marketing- Auto Loan Reduction Assistance-National Radio Advertising

Attorney Marketing-Collection Agency Harrassment Claims-Remnant Radio Commercials

Radio Commercials Aired for Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Advertising & Food Advertising:

Restaurant Marketing-Radio Commercials Examples- (Lobster) July 6th 09

Restaurant Marketing Regional-Saloon & Bar-Radio Advertising Costs

Food Advertising-Acai Superberry Health Drink CVS Pharmacy-Radio Commercials

Restaurant Advertising-Seafood Chain (Fish & Chips) Radio Ads-July 6th 09

Restaurant Advertising-Feature Specials Seafood-Radio Commercials

Radio Commercials Aired for other Products & Services:

Direct Response Radio Advertising-Homeowners Insurance Claims-Radio Commercials

Radio Commercials Examples-Security for Company Data & Important records-Remnant Radio Ads

Remnant Radio Advertising-Female Health Club & Boxing Gym-Radio Commercials

National Radio Advertising-Back Pain Relief device-USA Turtle-Radio Commercial

Direct Response Radio Advertising-Erotic Adult Toys-Radio Commercials

National Radio Advertising-Online Retail Marketing-Valentine Anniversary Birthday Gift

Remnant Advertising-Retirement Investments-Radio Commercials

Remnant Radio Advertising-Mortgages for People with Bad Credit-Radio Commercials

Remnant Radio Advertising-Retail Store Promotion-Windshield Repair & Replacement-Radio Ads

Radio Commercials-Satellite Internet Wild Blue-National Radio Advertising

Radio Commercials-Satellite Internet Wild Blue-National Radio Advertising

Direct Response Radio Advertising-American Idol Audition-Radio Ads-60 seconds

Remnant Radio Advertising-15 second JINGLE-Glass Repair-Radio Commercials

National Radio Advertising-IRS Tax Lien Relief-Radio Ads

Remnant radio advertising-Discount Prescription Drugs Viagra-Radio Ads

Direct Response Radio Advertising-Commercial Roof Repair & New Installation-Radio Commercial

Radio Commercials- Retail product in Walgreens and CVS-Remnant Radio Advertising

Remnant Radio Advertising-Tax Settlement for Businesses & Individuals-Radio Commercials

National Radio Advertising-Franchise Opportunities Dollar Store etc-Radio Ads