Dumb Things Smart Personal Injury Attorneys Tell Us About TV Advertising


“Let’s try a one-month test campaign to get an idea of whether this campaign will be a success.”

It’s fine to be concerned about throwing good money after bad, but one month is simply not enough time. It might be, if your practice is the only one in your area and your commercials are the only ones your prospective clients are ever going to see, but in reality (i.e. where most of said clients live), that’s simply not going to be the case. Advertising is how you get the edge on your competition, and your competition is going to be edging right back – and while it’s not guaranteed they’ll have more advertising savvy than you, “hoping they’re worse at this than you are” isn’t exactly a winning strategy.

Here are some figures to consider. It takes about 4-5 views before a commercial really starts to register with a potential client. It takes about 4-5 days for the average viewer to see the same commercial that many times. Now consider that your commercial is going to be competing for brain space with those of your rivals. If you’re going to run a test campaign, 2-3 months is a much more viable duration – that should give you enough reach and frequency for a trustworthy analysis.

“I’ve got $1,000 earmarked for my advertising campaign. If I get good results, I can add more to the budget.”

This is a Catch-22 just waiting to happen: you want to see good results before you’ll put in more money, but you need to put in more money before you’ll see good results! A thousand dollars might sound like a nice, hefty minimum investment, but in the advertising world, it’s peanuts: what you’ll get out of that money is a few sparse commercials over a short period of time, barely enough exposure to qualify as a flash in the pan. If you want to see results from your advertising, you need to invest more money in the first place. A better plan for that $1,000 investment might be to take it to Vegas and bet it all on black!

“I want people to call me as soon as they see my ads!”

If you have any actual experience in the legal industry, you should already understand why this just plain isn’t going to happen: people simply don’t need legal services every day. No matter how good your ad is, it won’t magically generate clients for you – it can only direct potential clients to you, either now or down the road. If you’re running any kind of legal practice, you need a long-term, high-frequency campaign that will tell people what kind of situations you can help them with: road- and work-related accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and so on. You can’t expect the calls to start pouring in immediately, but if you put your campaign together properly, you can expect them in due time.

“My way is the best way to get the results my business needs to grow.”

We’ve heard this plenty of times from potential clients when we try to give them advice about their advertising campaigns. And we have to ask: “if you already know what your business needs, why are you calling us?” These kinds of customers are already experts in their own minds, and no amount of advice from the real experts can convince them otherwise – and when their advertising campaign turns into a massive money sink, they’ll think to point fingers at everyone but their own stubborn selves.

Attorney advertising is a different beast from advertising in any other industry. Most of the tricks which make memorable, successful campaigns in any other field simply don’t work here – instead, you have to rely on careful planning and strategizing to make the absolute most of your airtime budget. And never forget: every commercial that fails to make an impression is money down the drain!

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