How to Make Your Attorney Radio Advertising Work


Every radio station, advertising agency, and media buying company has heard remarks like these from prospective clients:

“I have a friend who once tried radio advertising and it didn’t work!”

“We have a $3,000 budget for our attorney radio advertising this month; if this works, we’ll have a bigger budget next month!”

Most of them would just nod their heads and say “we’ll do everything we can to make it work,” even though they know full well that there’s no such thing as “making it work” when it comes to advertising. So what happens after they accept these orders they can’t possibly make good on? Most of the time, the client ends up unhappy and the ad agency ends up losing another client. There’s only way for us to break this vicious cycle: we need to tell prospective clients what they don’t want to hear.

When prospective clients say “make it work,” what they mean is “I want huge returns on my investment, and I want them immediately.” This is a big problem because radio advertising doesn’t work like that for 95% of local businesses. You can’t expect to get rich after weeks, months, or even a full year of advertising – it’s simply not going to happen. No matter how many times your personal injury law firm’s commercial shouts “Call Now, Call Now,” you’re not going to make your prospective clients pick up the phone. And why is that, you might ask? It’s because most products and services – including yours – simply don’t work with direct response advertising. The kinds of products and services that work best with direct response advertising are cheap ($30 and under) impulse purchases, things like kids’ toys and kitchen gadgets – not legal services. You might think that putting a “Call Now, Call Now” at the end of your medical malpractice commercial means that everyone who sees it will drop what they’re doing and call you, but think again: just how many of them will actually need your services at that exact moment?

So if direct response advertising only works for 5% of local businesses, how can the other 95% hope to turn a profit from their investment? The answer is: repetition, repetition, repetition or simply call it “brainwashing.” If you air your ads repeatedly across multiple radio stations at the same time for 3-6 months (or longer!), your name will end up entrenched in listeners’ minds, and when they finally have need of your services, you’ll be the first lawyer they’ll look up – unless a different lawyer did a better job of getting in their heads!

Be a smart advertiser. Run high-frequency ads and drive traffic to your website. It’s not rocket science: using this formula will give you the best chance of making your attorney radio advertising work!