How to Take Advantage of a TV Ad Auction


TV ad campaign spots aren’t just for advertising. They’re also a good way for individuals and organizations to increase public awareness of important issues. However, the high cost of placing TV ads is well beyond what most grassroots foundations relying on financial support from sympathetic donors can afford.


What your organization needs is a TV ad auction – a system that lets you name your own price for the airtime you need. At Wholesale Airtime Auction, we not only provide a TV advertising space auction service to our clients, we’re also partnered with some of the highest-rated networks in the US, and we can give you access to their remnant airtime inventory at a fraction of the usual price. Since our TV airtime auction uses a CPM (cost per thousand) basis for bidding, you know in advance how many people your ads will reach, making it easy to adjust your bid so you can reach more potential donors and sponsors. Our TV ad auction also offers a number of features and benefits that let you customize your ad campaign to fit your company, foundation, or product’s advertising needs.


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