Marketing for Attorney Campaigns


With emerging technologies and more do-it-yourself solutions being created each day, the realm of advertising for television and radio has evolved. Many once-conservative industries are now also getting into the advertising scene, particularly those marketing for attorneys. Even though there are non-traditional or online-based advertising alternatives available, television and radio still remain true and strong in delivering effective commercials for those who are marketing attorneys across the United States.

If you’re a marketing professional partnered with a law firm and would like to plot out a complete media plan for 2015, we highly encourage you to contact Wholesale Airtime Auction’s sales department to see how their weekly fire sale auction can add leverage to your marketing for attorney campaigns.

The list below explains why more attorney marketing firms are now acquiring media through WAA’s weekly remnant TV and radio airtime auction:
• National Flexible TV and Radio Campaigns – choose only the states or markets you would like to air your ad on over the entire US national grid.
• Transparent and Informative – Wholesale Airtime Auction will give you the entire roster of stations along with their Nielsen- or Arbitron-measured audiences so you know how many actual eyes and ears you’ll be getting when you include those stations on your bid.
• Simple and Cost-Effective – bids on their weekly fire sale auction are based on CPM (cost per thousand) audience levels and not on a station or show’s popularity or other fuzzy math.
• Quantifiable and Scalable – You immediately know how many impressions your campaign will be getting upon receipt of your actual auction results and media schedule based on your budget. You can use this information with your next auction to maximize your overall ROI.

If you are a do-it-yourself person looking for a cost-effective, consistent, and professional media buying alternative which you can fully customize for your next marketing for attorney campaign, look no further. Call (302) 724-6592 to speak to a sales advisor at Wholesale Airtime Auction and see how they can customize a direct response campaign for you.