Quality Advertising for Attorneys


Mesothelioma, Granuflo, and Pradaxa campaigns are just a few of the most active attorney ads being shown and heard through national television and radio today. These campaigns are advertising for attorneys that specialize in these fields, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of high-profile court litigation, compensation for victims, and more importantly, a constant source of business revenue for those in the legal industry.

Although many law firms are saturating the internet with numerous web sites, interest blogs, online articles, and landing pages, nothing compares to well-made advertising for an attorney television campaign to drive leads into your call center or law firm every day. While your rival law firms may be winning the online battlefield, a direct response television campaign can outweigh the results that the Internet can deliver.

Wholesale Airtime Auction can give your law firm the leverage of these premium television spots at prices that will leave you wondering: “Why haven’t I been doing this already?”

Wholesale Airtime Auction’s weekly fire sale auction can help you acquire bulk unsold television inventory from numerous stations throughout the United States on a local, regional, or national broadcast level.

Remnant inventory acquisition through WAA’s weekly fire sale auction has the following advantages:

  • Prices are significantly lower than direct or agency/media buyer acquisitions.
  • Wholesale Airtime Auction plots your entire campaign strategy to help your firm acquire inventory for the time frames and stations that target your desired audience
  • You control your media budget. Have you thought to yourself that television advertising is too expensive for your firm? WAA closes your auction window immediately as you fill your advertising budget goals.
  • Direct response campaigns – WAA designs all campaigns with direct response as their heart and soul, maximizing your overall frequency and reach.

So if you think your current advertising for attorneys or mass tort campaigns are being left in a rut, and if your competitors are leveraging their exposure and taking away your share of the business, then pick up the phone and take the lead by calling Wholesale Airtime Auction today!