Radio Media Buying for Local Branding & Advertising Campaigns

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Media Buying for Local & Regional Radio Advertising

Our radio advertising media buying auction allows you to hone in on your target demographic, save money with bulk packages, and air on 2-4X more radio stations for the same budget. And if you need more penetration in certain local areas in the United States you can target by DMA, metro market, or state.

Only want to target specific types of music? We have that covered. Here is a small list of the types of radio formats (music) you can target:

Classic Rock & AOR
Country, Classic Country, Americana
Adult Hits & JACK
News Talk & Sports Talk
AC Hot & AC Soft
Hi-Hop & B/U
R&B & Blues
CHR, CHR Dance, CHR Gold
Gospel & Religious
Classical & Nostalgia
Hispanic & SPAN (numerous formats)

Most website visitors want to know about advertising costs and budgeting. Over the last 14-years our advertisers have budgeted $500,000.00 to $500 per month. And while we do have minimum budget requirements for D/R radio (direct response) campaigns and national brands we do not have a minimum monthly budget requirement for good, local/regional service or retail businesses that are trying to run consistent radio marketing campaigns and get better brand recognition in their local area. That said, we do not control the pricing baseline and ceiling from city-to-city. Houses in tiny Laredo, Texas are going to cost 100X less than in New York City, and so is the radio advertising airtime. Therefore, if you're a small business owner in a huge city and can't afford to get on the air because of the baseline costs in your local area we have a co-op plan to help you share expenses with other smaller businesses in your market.

We have three choices to help you move forward:
A. Click our Contact Us button. Then submit the webform and let us help your business "come out of the mountains" in 2021.
B. Visit our popular blog to learn more about how baseline pricing is set from city-to-city and market-to-market: What is a Fair Price per Spot?
C. If you want to see a list of radio stations you can target for a local or regional radio advertising campaign please scroll down and click on the appropriate market link you want to target.

List of Radio markets