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Largest Household Reach via "Top End" Insertion at the Networks

Is your national or brand or business looking for a good cable TV advertising alternative to the old Google TV, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner, Comcast Advertising, Cox, or Charter? Are you needing more reach and penetration? How about an easy to use aggregated platform? How about a national cable media buying solution which utilizes a wholesale auction platform? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, we may have a solution for you.

Our national cable television advertising network is huge. We reach 7–10X more households than any one cable or satellite delivery provider or broker. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the data:

  • AT&T & DirecTV Advertising Network: 25M subscribers
  • Comcast TV Advertising Network: 20M subscribers
  • Charter (Spectrum) Advertising Network: 17M subscribers
  • DISH Network Advertising Network: 13–14M subscribers
  • Cox Advertising Network: 5M subscribers
  • Verizon Advertising Network: 5–6M subscribers
  • Various other small cable TV delivery systems: 13M subscribers

How can we do it, you ask? Our new national cable network uses “Top-End” insertion directly at the national network cable channel, not at the cable delivery provider. This means our clients’ ads reach every single one of the cable and satellite delivery providers listed above – a whopping 85MM households via cable networks alone. Couple that with our 1,000- station local broadcast TV advertising network, and you can reach 100% of all households in the United States.

Do you wonder what types of national cable TV advertising networks can be utilized in our media buying auction? We have over 80 different national cable television network channels to bid on. Here are just a few you might recognize:

And our wholesale auction system contains many, many more!

If you are ready to see how our national cable advertising auction works please call 877-508-0485,
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