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Approaching 14-Years Acquiring Wholesale Campaigns for Clients!

It's even hard for us to believe that Wholesale Airtime Auction first launched in 2007! We have been through four presidential elections, two awful recessions, and Covid-19. Our staying power is really just a testament to the core fundamentals of how our media buying auction works: putting delivery of clients' inventory over station happiness and the undeniable facts of what the industry has faced since the 1990s. Here is an unedited (nearly) paragraph that has been on our website since the first day: TV stations and radio stations have what is called “perishable inventory.” Perishable inventory is not exclusive to radio and TV airtime; it affects other types of businesses as well: tomato and lettuce farmers, hotels, and even airlines. Radio and TV stations have a set amount of slots to sell every month. If they do not sell a slot, then the potential revenue perishes. The slot itself does not perish (like a tomato), but the revenue does. If they end up having to bonus (give away for free) the commercial slot to one of their existing customers, then they have lost that revenue forever. Twenty years ago, most stations had very little unsold inventory. That all changed, though, when the Internet era began in 1994. Since that time, many radio stations, TV stations have watched their revenue gradually shrink, while watching unsold inventory levels grow. Yes, the migration of existing advertising dollars to the Internet has slowed, and even flattened out completely in some areas of the U.S.; however, the pie has been permanently split and the Internet is not going away.

Our TV and radio media buyers auction takes advantage of this long-term change in the industry. The auction is held weekly, and starts every Monday.

Our unique race-horse auction process allows our customers to submit CPM-based offers (if you don’t know what CPM is, click here to learn) simultaneously, to multiple stations. When the stations receive the offers for their inventory, they know that there are several other stations that have received them as well. The stations know they have to accept the offer before other stations in the market accept them and your budget becomes exhausted. As soon as your budget for the time period (four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, etc.) is exhausted, the race-horse auction closes. So not only does our media buying auction process capitalize on the ongoing perishable inventory situations, it also creates urgency and competition between stations, and allows our clients to acquire 2-4X more inventory for the same budget!

Our media buying auction does not peddle remnant junk from stations. You choose the inventory via the following targeting options:

  • Choice of media:
  • #1 Local radio advertising airtime
  • #2 Local broadcast TV advertising airtime
  • #3 National cable TV advertising airtime
  • Choice of Geographic Targeting:
  • #1 National – Using our unique “Flex-National Advertising” option
  • #2 National "Top End" – Insertion at the cable networks
  • #3 Regional – Targeting multiple states or metro-markets
  • #4 Local – Targeting one DMA or metro-market
  • Demographic targeting:
  • #1 Radio advertising – Choose from over 20 types of music/formats
  • #2 TV and Cable Advertising – Choose from over 60 types of channels
  • #3 Timeframes - Choose from four different time-blocks on the weekdays and weekends: daytime, prime time, evenings, or overnight.

If you would like more information about potentially participating in one of our weekly media buying auctions, please utilize the following links: